"My wife and I recently participated in Dustin Manis’ personal protection class. It was our desire to learn how to better protect ourselves and our family. Dustin’s approach to personal protection was systematic, fun, and, most importantly, helped us increase our awareness and confidence.

This class exceeded all my expectations! My family now has a plan for dealing with fires, home invasions, outdoor assaults, and a host of other emergency situations. We do not overestimate our own abilities, but we have a greater confidence and sense of awareness than we had before we took this class.

One of the things I most appreciated about class is the prevention training. One of the main objectives of the class is to teach you how to avoid certain situations altogether. We strategized ways to make our home less vulnerable for theft and assault. We covered tips on minimizing our chances of an assailant choosing us as a specific target. We learned ways that we could recognize potential dangers or threats and help prevent them from happening. 

I recently encountered a situation in which I felt my own safety and the safety of my family was jeopardized. I was able to respond in a very controlled way. I am not sure how I would have handled the situation if I had not taken this class. I am very grateful for the knowledge and confidence I received while training with Dustin.

Dustin is a follower of Jesus. I was encouraged by his sensitivity to the personal views of each individual as they sought to follow God in the area of personal protection. He provided some basic principles from God’s Word that he uses as a guide in his own approach to personal protection. He provided these verses as a resource to us, but then encouraged each student to go home and take some time to determine what God was leading them to do.

If you are looking for ways to increase the security of your home and the overall safety of your family, I would highly recommend Dustin Manis’ personal protection class."

Brandon (husband and father)

"My team and I were privileged to schedule a group class with Dustin and Mischelle Manis to aid in personal protection, awareness, and safety. Our time with them was extremely useful.  We learned simple methods for women to use to effectively defend themselves against a sexual assault or a physical attack.  The teaching and discussion time was highly educational in the fundamental aspects of awareness for individuals to be alert to their surroundings, prevent a dangerous situation, and reduce or avoid personal risks.

Physical defense techniques which were simple in design, yet powerful in delivery, were presented by skilled instructors.  Real life scenarios and discussion allowed participants to better learn each technique and understand the relevance of their impact and use. We intend to continue to provide this valuable instruction for our team in the near future."

 Valerie Sherrer, Founder, Novo Ministries

"I am now armed with in-depth information and keen insights about the places, conditions and situations that pose risks to the safety of my family and me.  I was particularly impressed by the crime statistics and case studies provided by the class. Like most people, I took my personal safety for granted far too often.  Identification of these threats enables me to make wise choices and deal with them accordingly.

With the training I received from Dustin and the folks at Manis Tactical Systems, I can respond to an attack and not become a victim myself.  While the hand to hand combat skills I learned are basic, they are powerful, effective, proven tactics that could mean the difference between life & death.  I have a new confidence that I can fulfill my obligation as protector for those I love.   

It is my pleasure to recommend Manis Tactical Systems.  I am certain that whatever level of training you are seeking, they can meet your needs."

Mark (husband and father)

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