FAST Class

This class is designed to make you safer today. The class expedites your Real Personal Protection™ training by speeding up your knowledge and skill.

Learn to defend against the 5 most common attacks against women.
Learn to defend against the 5 most common attacks against men.

Invest one day in your safety and survival.

Contact us at or (405) 850-5707 to sign-up for the next FAST Class or to schedule your own personal FAST Class.




​Manis Tactical Systems offer a variety of Real Personal Protection™ learning environments specifically designed to meet your needs and achieve your goals. Seminars and Classes are available for individuals, friends, couples, families with children, groups, churches, businesses, schools, non-profits, and more. Private Lessons are extremely effective and offer a quick learning environment. Home Security Audits offer a personal inspection and evaluation of your home against home invasion and burglary.       

Our classes and seminars cover a range of time depending upon your goals. Seminars are offered in time increments of 1 hour, 2 hours, 4 hours, 1 day (8 hours) and a weekend seminar (12-14 hours).

Classes are offered through Private Lessons and Group Classes. Class times and duration are topic and student need determined. Please contact us at or (405) 850-5707 to discuss your specific needs.Group, corporate, and church discounts are available. We can tailor a seminar, class, or security audit to meet your needs.​


Fast track your safety through accelerated private training.

Why Private Lessons? 

Private Lessons are the fastest and most efficient way to build your personal protection competence. Lessons will be tailored specifically to meet your needs. You and the goals that you want to achieve are the focus for a single Private lesson or a series of lessons. 

Learn how to protect yourself and your loved ones through private training. 

Can I train with my husband, wife, or friend?

Some of the most beneficial Private Lessons happen when one instructor focuses their attention on two training partners. Many husband and wife, parent and teenage child, and friends choose this training option. At Manis Tactical, two train for the price of one. 

Family Lessons

We can come to your home to train your entire family. We can address scenarios specific to your home, analyzing potential trouble areas both inside and outside of your home. We have a detailed Family Safety Plan that your family can implement both at home and while away from home. 


Manis Tactical Systems is a mobile company. You have training options. You can come to our studio for your Private Lesson, or we can come to you. You can train in the privacy of your home. 

Benefits of Private Lessons:

  • Focus is on your goals. 
  • Receive one-on-one personal attention from the instructor. 
  • Learn faster. 
  • Train in private. Your training is your secret to share/not share.

Topics for Private Lessons could include: 

  • 5 Most Common Attacks against Women
  • Rape Prevention and Defense
  • Men's Personal Protection
  • Boundary Enforcement - Elements of Distance
  • Fighting against Two or More Opponents
  • Fighting with Two or More Allies
  • Pre-emptive Striking
  • Family Safety Plan
  • Home Invasion
  • Tactical Living
  • Improvised Weapon Tactics

To Register, email:

Our Instructors come to your home and inspect the exterior and inside of your home for a home invasion risk assessment. We will discuss the mind of the home invader with you and offer our suggestions for a safer home as well as contingency plans. Our audit includes working from the outside in by covering different zones: outer perimeter, inner perimeter, entry points, home interior, and safe room (s). The Home Security Audit also covers home-defense weapon recommendations, improvised weapon lesson, and extreme escape techniques. When we leave your home, you will have a Home Invasion Survival Plan of Action. 


Personal Protection Class Now Registering!

Saturday, September 10, 2016

9:00am - 12:00pm

​Manis Tactical Systems, Blanchard, OK

$30/person OR $50/couple


Right of Refusal
Our instructors have the right to refuse any student without having to communicate the reason for refusal. Common reasons may include – immaturity, demonstrated lack of respect, control and responsibility, arriving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, intent to use training for unlawful purposes, and more.

Training is provided to mature and responsible adults who want Real Personal Protection™ for themselves and their loved ones.

Contact us today to schedule your training, consult with an Instructor about your specific goals, or to find out more about Manis Tactical Systems. Email us at or call (405) 850-5707 to speak to an Instructor. 



Family Safety Class
​Family is important at Manis Tactical Systems. We want to help you protect your children from evil in this world. The Family Safety Plan was built for families with children. The family can be taught as a unit so that each family member understands the Family Safety Plan and their specific role. This is tailored for your individual family, but generally includes:   

  • Safety at home. Rules for everyday life.
  • Rules for when mom and dad are not home.
  • When things go bad – every person needs a job to focus on in order to help bring resolution and to prevent panic.
  • Family passcodes/codewords.
  • What every parent wants their children to know.
  • Techniques for your children to prevent child abduction.
  • Family formations – in public and in emergency situations.​