Home security audits

Classes & Seminars

Private Lessons

Our Instructors come to your home and inspect the exterior and inside of your home for a home invasion risk assessment. We will discuss the mind of the home invader with you and offer our suggestions for a safer home as well as contingency plans. 

Private Lessons are the fastest and most efficient way to build your personal protection competence. Lessons will be tailored specifically to meet your needs. You and the goals that you want to achieve are the focus for a single Private Lesson or a series of lessons. 

Manis Tactical Systems offer a variety of Real Personal Protection™ learning environments specifically designed to meet your needs and achieve your goals. Seminars and Classes are available for individuals, friends, couples, families with children, groups, churches, businesses, schools, non-profits, and more. 

Manis Tactical Systems is a mobile personal protection company operating in the greater Oklahoma City area. We offer high quality short courses focusing on your protection and safety needs. Being a mobile company means that you can train at our studio or we can come to you. 

We specialize in teaching Real Personal Protection™ through Private Lessons, Home Security Audits, and Group Seminars. Manis Tactical Systems can provide the methods and principles you’ll use to protect yourself and your loved ones by learning to successfully combat violence.